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Transformers Live Action Movies


The first movie came about in 2007 and focused more on humans in the first half and then Transformers in the second half of it

For humans, the story focused on the military, government body of defence and civilians in the form of Sam Witwicky and his family.

For robots, the first scene commerced with an attack by Decepticon Blackout on military base and then hide-and-seek adventure by Autobot Bumblebee.

It was only when Sam was hounded by another Decepticon Barricade and his sidekick Frenzy and rescued again by Bumblebee that Transformers finally began to reveal itself in full eventually.

First with Autobots led by their leader Optimus Prime and then Decepticons uniting and reviving their commander Megatron.

Before the movie climaxed in the city.

The second movie Revenge Of The Fallen shifted from town to Egypt dessert with the death of Optimus Prime bearing its weight on Sam Witwicky and the Autobots in their request to search for legendary Matrix Of Leadership to revive Optimus Prime.

The latter was resurrected and defeated both Megatron and his master The Fallen.

Also featuring a brand new Decepticon subgroup Decepticons who can combine into giant robot Devastator.

Following that, Dark Of The Moon focused on Optimus Prime’s own master and mentor Sentinel Prime.

What should have been a quest to waken Sentinel and get him to lead the Autobots to victory turned out to be everyone’s worst nightmare.

As Sentinel turned rogue and rendevzous with Decepticons to take over Chicago City.

Nonetheless Optimus and his remaining Autobots overcame them following the deaths of his sidekick Ironhide and Wheeljack.

Transformers - Age Of Extinction

In Age Of Extinction, we saw the debut of Autobots’ first subgroup Dinobots otherwise known as Legendary Knights who transformed from robots to robot dinosaurs.

Transformers Last Knight

In what could be the final 2 action movies The Last Knight and Bumblebee, we saw Optimus Prime turning his back on humans and Autobots in a deal to save his home planet Cybertron and story of Bumblebee in events before the first action live film.

The Transformers.

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