Transformers Voyager Recon Ironhide


Recon Ironhide is colored in black and silver with white tiger-stripe markings, and is equipped with an assault rifle and projectile-firing crossbow.


Transformers Voyager Recon Ironhide

TMs heavily modified Topkick truck mode as roof-mounted gun and bullbar, respectively.

Ironhide is the Autobot weapons specialist, a fact best demonstrated by his penchant for apocalyptic missile-discharging guns.

One of the most venerable of the Autobots, Ironhide shares a longstanding friendship with both Optimus Prime and Chromia.

Heavily armored, battered and weatherworn, Ironhide retains keen senses and a complicated, superior strategic mind.

Perfectly attuned to virtually any form of warfare, Ironhide excels at entering the melee with guns blazing.

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