Transformers Universe Deluxe Figure Galvatron


Universe Deluxe Wave 2 Galvatron appears to support an elaborate array of articulation.

His stocky tank altmode is equipped with a turret-mounted translucent orange cannon complete with an equally translucent missile projectile.


Transformers Universe Deluxe Figure GalvatronIn robot mode, Galvatron brandishes his sovereign cannon as an arm-mounted weapon.

Arranged beneath a crown-like headpiece, Galvatron red eyes are voraciously inflamed.

Salvaged from the battered remains of Megatron, Galvatron was generated by Unicron as an instrument intended to destroy the Matrix of Leadership.

Galvatron was provided with heightened power, new warriors, and an imposing warship, although he retained the contempt and defiance that had defined Megatron, and wasted no time in journeying to Cybertron.

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