Transformers – The Last Knight Infernocus


Infernocus is a combiner composed of one new mold (Skulk) and 4 redecos of Prime Abominus’s components: Blight, Rippersnapper, Twinstrike and Windrazor.


Transformers - The Last Knight Infernocus

The box set also includes a small translucent Quintessa figure.

The components can transform from beasts into robots or combine with each other to form Infernocus, with the central component’s swords forming a larger sword.

On the other hand, Infernocus can combine with the other Prime Legion Class Predacons.

Or the component robots from the Go! Goradora set to form some kind of a mumble jumble whatchamajigger combiner if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Infernocus also features Cyberglyphics on his Combiner chest, which confusingly translates his name.

Due to Skulk’s larger body size, Infernocus’ combined mode was closely scaled with some Voyager Class figures like Premier Edition Optimus Prime.

As with most of the Mission to Cybertron subline toys, Infernocus comes with a Mission Card that can be deciphered with the decoder provided by the Transformers’ website.

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