Transformers Takara Tomy Japanese Classics D-04 Ramjet


Classics Ramjet is a retool of Classics Starscream and transforms into a modified fighter jet based off the hull of an F-15 Eagle.


Transformers Takara Tomy Japanese Classics D-04 RamjetThe figure’s deco is greatly simplified from Ramjet’s G1 toy and cartoon decos, largely reducing the amount of black and red in favor of white.

Aside from the different deco, changes from Starscream include a new nose cone/head, new F-16XL inspired wings and new projectiles for his missile launchers.

The new missiles, combined with their launchers, result in a mash-up between his G1 toy’s non-firing weapons and his animation model’s standard-issue Seeker rifles.

Unlike Starscream, his shoulder movement is unimpeded due to a lack of wings behind his shoulders.

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