Transformers Sunstreaker G1 MISB Reissue Scaled


Sunstreaker transforms into a customized Lamborghini Countach LP500S with an exposed rear-mounted engine.


Transformers Sunstreaker G1 MISB Reissue ScaledIn robot mode, his arm has a spring-launching mechanism to fire his fists, chrome missiles, or rocket boosters.

Sunstreaker knows to the core of his spark that he is better than any other Autobot and makes sure everyone else knows it, too.

His sociopathic tendencies, combined with his incredible vanity and arrogance, usually result in tension between himself and the other Autobots.

He is generally unwilling to help those who are having trouble keeping up, and is quite audible when it comes to complaining about the shortcomings of everyone else.

The only Autobot he truly gets along with is his twin brother, Sideswipe, and even that can seem strained at times.

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