Transformers Reflector G1 MISB Reissue Sealed


Reflector is composed of 3 distinct robots that combine to form a camera.


Transformers Reflector G1 MISB ReissueHe comprises of:

1. Viewfinder as the central component with the lens,

2. Spectro as the right-side component with the shutter button, and

3. Spyglass as the left-side component with the flash.

Includes a telephoto lens and old-style flashcube that doubles as a missile launcher.

Likes to watch and observe anything and everything.

But above all else, Reflector likes to watch their faction foes – the Autobots and humans, learn their dark secrets and profit from them.

Acting as the second espionage line of spies for Decepticons after Soundwave and his cassette warriors.
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