Transformers Movie Voyager Ironhide


Autobot weapon specialist and old-fashioned warrior, Ironhide is the big stick that backs up the soft steps of Optimus Prime.


Transformers Movie Voyager Ironhide

Paint scarred and chrome chipped by shrapnel from hundred battles, he is the oldest of the Autobots.

His right hip is a mass of bypasses and temporary solutions, his power core and timing system are irregular, and his idle is set way too high.

But his optics are the sharpest on Cybertron and his cannon arm is as steady as ever.

Optimus Prime relies on him for tactical advice and a cool head.

As long as they keep making missiles compatible with his cannons, he will keep fighting until every last Decepticon is a smoldering wreck.

Change this Autobot figure from robot mode to Topkick pick-up vehicle mode and back again!

Chase down enemies with dual quad-missile cannons that each fire 4 projectiles in robot mode!

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