Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Rampage


The stink of diesel fumes and hot tar follows Rampage wherever he goes with his treads are packed with metal shards stripped from his victims, and the countless scratches covering his chassis are testament to hundreds of brutal battles.


Transformers Movie 2 Deluxe Rampage

He lives to pound his enemies into submission and thinks of little else.

His idea of beauty is the sight of sun glinting off the raw edges of shredded Autobot armor.

Team up with this devilish-looking Decepticon warrior and get ready to take on Autobot forces!

In attack mode, this 4-legged robot figure’s treads become whips – ready to swing into battle!

Then, with a few twists and turns, change the robot figure to jackhammer mode and check out the moving pistons!

Finally, gear up for a serious ground attack when you unleash a bulldozer mode that is ready to flatten the competition!

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