Transformers Mirage G1 MISB Reissue Sealed


Mirage was part of the original 1984 Autobot Cars assortment used for a Diaclone F-1 Ligier JS11 racer.


Transformers Mirage G1 MISB Reissue SealedThe toy was specifically designed to work with the launcher mechanism contained in the Optimus Prime or Battle Convoy trailer.

Mirage is what humans call old money.

Before the war, he was a member of affluent Cybertronian society, with his own large estate and high-priced friends.

He enjoyed the finer things in life: vintage energon, swank evening events, and turbofox hunts on the grounds.

But when the war started, he was forced to choose sides and found himself banded with a group of commoners he did not really understand.

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