Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave 2013 Exclusive


Soundwave is a more intricately engineered version of his Generation 1 design, transforming into his classic tape deck alternate mode.


Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave 2013 ExclusiveBut substantially thicker chest compartment that accommodates up to 3 cassettes at once.

Regarded and trusted by Megatron as Decepticon second-in-command more than Starscream due to his utmost loyalty, Soundwave acts as the eyes and ears for Decepticons.

Through his own mini-army of cassette warriors acting as Deception espionage to spy on their enemeies Autobots and report their findings to leader Megatron.

This is the 2013 exclusive masterpiece that resembles closest to his animated appearance in the 1984 to 1986 animation series and movie.

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