Transformers Godmaster C-310 God Ginrai


Japanese version of Powermaster Optimus Prime.

While the toy made its debut in 1989 as part of Transformers Pretenders and Powermasters merchanise, the character came into prominence in Japanese animation series Transformers Masterforce.


Transformers Godmaster C-310 God Ginrai

Besides the Japanese Masterforce series, he also made his appearance as supporting character in subsequent Victory series and more often than not, helped his friend and next Autobot commander Star Saber in their battle against Decepticons.

Transformers Godmaster C-310 God Ginrai

But in a trap laid by their enemies, he was fatally injured and forced to go through resurrection as newly formed Victory Leo which he had to give up his appearance for an unfamiliar mechanical lion warrior and backup to Star Saber’s artillery.

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