Transformers G1 Aerialbots Superion


Autobots’ first combiner group based on the old Cybertonian jets they found abandoned on their home planet.


Transformers G1 Aerialbots SuperionAs the first of the Autobot combiners, Superion is an imperfect warrior at best.

In other gestalt Transformers, the mental aspect of combination has famously resulted in instability and insanity, as disparate personalities have been meshed into one mismatched whole.

Superion aims to overcome this not by achieving a more thorough melding of the minds, but rather, by shutting out all the different, conflicting personalities of the Aerialbots who compose him.

He suppresses absolutely everything save for his dedication to the destruction of the Decepticons, and his rival Menasor in particular.

Transformers G1 Aerialbots SuperionSomething that he is especially good at, despite the fact that his strangled thought processes leave him struggling to innovate or adapt to new tactics in battle.

Other Autobots mistakenly interpret this single-mindedness and inability to engage on a social level as aloofness.

As if Superion considered himself to be above his teammates.

But he is truly physically and mentally incapable of giving any more of himself.

Made up of 5 Aerialbots:

1. Silverbolt (torso)

2. Air Raid (right arm)

3. Fireflight (left arm)

4. Skydive (right leg)

5. Slingshot (left leg)

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