Transformers G-Creation Dark Shuraking


SRK00 Dark Shuraking is a limited edition Giftset from Gcreation limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.

Features an all new dark color scheme of Gcreations famous Shuraking combiner and all 5 figures come in giftset packaging.


Transformers G-Creation Dark Shuraking

Individual figures stand 8.6″ tall in robot mode and 10.3″ long in dino mode.

Wrath figure even larger.

All 5 figures combine together to form the mighty Dark Shuraking!

Transformers G-Creation Dark Shuraking

Set Features:

– SRK01 Thunderous – Dark Version
– SRK02 Growl – Dark Version
– SRK03 Wratch – Dark Version
– SRK04 Blade – Dark Version
– SRK05 Hammer – Dark Version

Product Features:

– All 5 figures combine together
– Giftset Packaging
– Figures stand 8.6 inches tall in robot mode

Includes all weapons and combiner accessories.

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