Transformers Encore Omega Supreme


Last line of defense for the Autobots, Omega Supreme is a titanic guardian robot capable of instilling fear and panic into the sparks of Decepticons that dare face him on the field of battle.


Transformers Encore Omega Supreme

Omega Supreme transforms into 3 individual components simultaneously: a large rocket base, a rocket and a tank.

His transformation involves very little manipulation of his moving parts.

In fact, the only part that transforms is his main body which also serves as tank.

Instead, the whole process is via disassembling him into his component pieces, which are then put back together in a different configuration.

The tank forms his main body, the rocket forms his forearms, the track makes up most of his legs, while the gantry forms his feet and backpack.

Transformers Encore Omega SupremeExtra track parts forming wings.

The torso features a battery-operated motor which propels the tank around the track as its turret spins and flashes with orange light, or allows Omega to walk slowly forward in robot mode.

This motor is extremely susceptible to failure.

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