Transformers – Prime / War For Cybertron (2010) / Fall Of Cybertron (2012)

Transformers Video Game Series

The video game War For Cybertron was released in 2010 and is said to be set in the same universe as the Transformers – Prime cartoon.

War For Cybertron toys were released as the first wave of the Generations line and the Prime toys were first released as a series of First Edition toys and are currently released under the Prime – Robots in Disguise line.

The game has also inspired a book called Transformers – Exodus and its sequel titled Transformers – Exiles – the first of which consists of events leading up to the beginning of the game and the latter containing the events leading up to Generation 1.

Hasbro and the California-based online game Roblox have also arranged an event promoting the cartoon.

Article taken from Wikipedia.