Transformers Platinum Edition Predaking

Transformers Platinum Edition PredakingPowerful, remorseless, obedient, and nearly unstoppable, he hunts Autobots with a predatory intensity absent from even the most diabolical of his Decepticon combiners.

The massive x-ray laser he carries as a primary weapon is an instrument of singular destructive potential, capable of incinerating entire forests, liquefying steel and cement, and instantly turning an entire battlefield into a blasted landscape of rubble and fused glass.

Autobots beware, because the ultimate predator is on the hunt for someone to pound.

Transformers Platinum Edition PredakingHe is more powerful than any Predacon, because he is made of 5 of them.

Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum and their commander Razorclaw figures all convert from robot mode to beast mode and back.

But when the battle calls for a giant warrior, they combine to build one enormous Predaking figure!

His sword will keep any Autobot at bay.

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