Transformers Make Toys MT Quantron GiftsetShipped with Quantron are parts to address QC issues with Sonic Drill, Metal Storm, and Celeritas.

Set of 5 Includes:

1. Blindfire – Sci-Fi Style Space Fighter Jet

A. 2 x Fusion-Cannon Graded Rifles

B. 2 x Laser-Bladed Swords

2. Celeritas – Sci-Fi Style Racing Car

2 x Fusion-Cannon Graded Rifles

3. Overheat – Sci-Fi Style Motorcycle

A. 2 x Shoulder Missile Launchers

B. 1 x Fusion Sniper Rifle

C. His 3 weapons combine to form a Giant War Hammer

4. SonicDrill – Sci-Fi Style Drill Tank

A. 2 x PDW

B. 1 x Mega Drill

C. 4 x Searchlights


Transformers Make Toys MT Quantron Giftset5. MetalStorm – Sci-Fi Style Heavy Bomber

A. 2 x Fusion Cannon Graded Rifle

B. 2 x Booster Modules

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