Transformers Combiners Wars Classic Edition Dinoking

Transformers Combiners Wars Classic Edition DinokingIn particular Predaking formed from Predacons – the Decepticon beast versions created to counter them.

After sustaining serious injuries in the cut scenes in Return Of Optimus Prime 2-part mini-series, Grimlock and Dinobots were in extended coma as their parts rusted and energy used up.

Transformers Combiners Wars Classic Edition DinokingTo repay what Grimlock has done in creating them, the Technobots set about doing what is deemed impossible and unimagable by most fellow Transformers and humans.

And that is to combine them into the largest gestalt warrior and fourth largest Autobot after Fortress Maximus, Metroplex and Omega Supreme.

Besides fighting individually, he can also ride on Sky Lynx to form a super Dino rider to combat the Decepticons.

In particular Predaking and Trypticon.

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