Jetfire Transformers Voyager Classic

Along with Optimus Prime, Jetfire is the largest Autobot and the only one who can fly in Season One series.

For untold millennia, he was frozen in a block of arctic ice, the result of an avalanche that buried him while on a scientific mission to Earth.

Later, confused by his close friendship with Starscream, he dabbled in the Decepticon cause, until he discovered the full treachery and malevolence of his former friend and his cohorts.

Now Jetfire misses no opportunity to battle Starscream in the sky.


Jetfire Transformers Voyager ClassicHis speed, courage, and ability to transform himself from robot to jet makes this fighter a considerable match for his enemy.

The Titanium series die-cast metal Jetfire, in red, gray, and black, stands six inches tall on his display platform.

Collectors won’t want to be without this key figure in the epic power struggle between the Transformer Universe’s Decepticons and Autobots.

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