Dreamwave Productions (2001–2005)

Transformers Dreamwave Productions

In 2001, Dreamwave Productions began a new universe of annual comics adapted from Marvel, but also included elements of the animated.

The Dreamwave stories followed the concept of the Autobots defeating the Decepticons on Earth.

But their 1997 return journey to Cybertron on the Ark II is destroyed by Shockwave who is now ruler of the planet.

The story follows on from there, and was told in 2 6-issue limited series.

This was followed by a ten-issue ongoing series.

The series also added extra complexities such as not all Transformers believing in the existence of Primus, corruption in the Cybertronian government that first lead Megatron to begin his war and Earth having an unknown relevance to Cybertron.

3 Transformers – The War Within limited series were also published.

These are set at the beginning of the Great War and identify Prime as once being a clerk named Optronix.

Beast Wars was also retroactively stated as the future of this continuity, with the profile series More than Meets the Eye showing the Predacon Megatron looking at historical files detailing Dreamwave's characters and taking his name from the original Megatron.

In 2004, this real life universe also inspired 3 novels and a Dorling Kindersley guide, which focused on Dreamwave as the true continuity when discussing in-universe elements of the characters.

In a new twist, Primus and Unicron are siblings, formerly a being known as The One.

Transformers – Micromasters – set after the Ark's disappearance – was also published.

The real life universe was disrupted when Dreamwave went bankrupt in 2005.

This left the Generation One story hanging and the third volume of The War Within half finished.

Plans for a comic book set between Beast Wars and Beast Machines were also left unrealized.

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