Beast Wars And Beast Machines (1996–2000)

Transformers Beast Wars

Beast Wars Transformers Featuring Maximals leader Optimus PrimalThe story focused on a small group of Maximals – descendents of Autobots led by Optimus Primal and Predacons -descendents of new Decepticons led by Megatron,

300 years after the Great War.

After a dangerous pursuit through transwarp space, both the Maximal and Predacon factions end up crash landing on a primitive and uncivilized planet similar to Earth, but with 2 moons and a dangerous level of Energon.

This is later revealed to be prehistoric Earth with an artificial second moon.

Taking place sometime during the 4 million year period in which the Autobots and Decepticons were in suspended animation from the first episode of the original Transformers animation which forces them to take organic beast forms in order to function without going into stasis lock.

Transformers Beast Wars Predacons Leader MegatronAfter writing this first episode, Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio learned of the G1 Transformers, and began to use elements of it as a historical backstory to their scripts, establishing Beast Wars as a part of the Generation 1 universe through numerous callbacks to both the cartoon and Marvel comic.

By the end of the first season, the second moon and the Energon are revealed to have been constructed by a mysterious alien race known as the Vok.

Beast Wars Megatron attacks Optimus Prime in a clash of generations.

The destruction of the second moon releases mysterious energies that make some of the characters transmetal and the planet is revealed to be prehistoric Earth, leading to the discovery of the Ark.

Megatron attempts to kill the original Optimus Prime but at the beginning of the third season, Primal manages to preserve his spark.

Transformers Beast Machines

In the 2-season follow-up series, Beast Machines, Cybertron is revealed to have organic origins which Megatron attempts to stamp out.

After the first season of Beast Wars – comprising 26 episodes aired in Japan, the Japanese were faced with a problem.

The second Canadian season was only 13 episodes long, not enough to warrant airing on Japanese TV.

While they waited for the third Canadian season to be completed – thereby making 26 episodes in total when added to season 2, they produced two exclusive cel-animated series of their own.

Beast Wars II and Neo were to fill in the gap. Dreamwave retroactively revealed Beast Wars to be the future of their G1 universe and the 2006 IDW comic book Beast Wars – The Gathering eventually confirmed the Japanese series to be canon within a story set during Season 3.

Beast Wars contained elements from both the G1 cartoon series and comics.

Attributes taken from the cartoon include Transformers that were female, the appearance of Starscream – being killed off by Galvatron in The Transformers – The Movie and appearances of the Plasma Energy Chamber and Key to Vector Sigma.

The naming of the Transformer ship, the Ark – reference to Autobots cruiser which crashlanded in the first animation series, Ravage being shown as intelligent and Cybertron having an organic core were elements taken from the comics.

In 2011, Shout Factory released the complete series of Beast Wars on DVD.

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